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St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day Activities


Bring On The Luck of the Irish!

Decorating the classroom is often one of the more enjoyable parts of being a teacher. One of the keys to creating a classroom that is engaging and interactive for your students is to incorporate seasonal themes into your room. The month of March brings us the arrival of Spring- and St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) can be a great learning opportunity for students to learn facts about the origin of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture- while celebrating a very festive and popular holiday! Here are some ideas to help you to bring Saint Patrick’s Day into your classroom:

Create a Bulletin Board Border of Shamrocks. There are a number of varieties and shamrock patterns you can purchase and/or create a personal touch to your board by having your students drawing and cut their out from green construction paper. Create an eye catching display by using a lighter shade of green bulletin board paper so the shamrock border pops out.

Use a Map of Ireland to Decorate the Bulletin Board: This is a perfect time to do a geography lesson on Ireland. Find a large map of Ireland or scan one and print for your display. The students can learn about the different cites and regions of Ireland. Another idea- have the students research historical and or/cultural facts about the Irish and include these with the map.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”: Rainbows a are popular symbol associated with spring- and are relevant to Saint Patrick’s Day. They are ideal to use in a classroom display because they are so versatile and can be used again throughout the spring. Children of all ages love the mystery and wonder associated with rainbows. This is an opportunity to teach them about the concepts of light spectrum and colors and art. The opportunities for children to create their own rainbow are endless!

Motivate Your Students with A Pot of Gold The legendary Pot of Gold can be used to teach your students the value of working towards a goal. Patterns can be purchased or your students can decorate their own! Have your students work towards a goal and display their progress on a bulletin board or classroom wall. Each time they take a step towards reaching their goal- their name is moved closer to the Pot of Gold…

Reinforce Your Lessons By Playing “Shamrock Team Trivia“ Have your students cut out shamrocks using a pattern (many patterns are available online) and have them research and write out trivia questions that are relevant to your subject. Divide the class into teams and place the shamrock trivia cards into a box….the students will take turns drawing cards (they will have to draw again if they draw their own question) and quiz the other team. The team who answers the most correctly when all the cards have been drawn win the game.

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