Five Ways to Be an Efficient Teacher

Right now is the perfect time to decide how you can be an efficient teacher. Efficient teachers enjoy school more because they are not always scrambling to get their work caught up, know when meetings are scheduled, and can find keys, phone numbers, and their grade books.

Here are five quick tips to consider if you want to be an efficient teacher this year (And who doesn’t?).

1. Write it down. Use calendars, agendas, to-do lists, and sticky notes to make notes about what you are supposed to do and when you are supposed to do it. The life of a teacher is too complicated to keep in your head. Find a method that works for you and stick to it.

2. Don’t get behind. Grade papers and record those grades as soon as you can. Follow advice from veteran teachers such as: stagger due dates, file papers daily, don’t grade every single paper, and record grades electronically every few days.

3. Delegate what you can. Even young students can tidy a classroom, put away books, and help maintain a bulletin board. Your classroom is full of helping hands.

4. Do it right the first time. Any task that you do well the first time means that you will not have to spend time reworking it later.

5. Plan how you will use your time.Some teachers create schedules where they perform specific tasks each day (Monday is planning, Tuesday is photocopying…) Still others make sure to make one trip only to the office each day. Whatever action you decide on, be sure to plan how you spend you time at school so that the week just doesn’t drift by.

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