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Garage Band Introduction

Garage Band is a program that comes on Macintosh computers.

It lends itself to many uses, both in the music classroom, computer class and general classroom.

Music Classroom Uses With No Additional Equipment

1. Record Live Music

Create a new project. It doesn’t matter what tempo or key if you’re recording live music. You do, however, want to turn off the metronome by going to the Control menu and unselecting the Metronome.

Go to the Track menu and select a New Track, and then Real Instrument. Select Vocals and then No Effects for a raw recording, or play around with this menu for a unique sound.

Hit the red Record button and start playing or singing!

You can layer as many tracks as you want by repeating the process.

2. Exporting the Music

When your track is complete, go to the Share menu and Send Song to itunes. Open itunes and burn your song as desired.

3. Uses

One of the uses of recording live is capturing class music so students can critique their own sound. You can also make quick practice tracks for students in choir or solo competitions by recording a live piano with a vocal track for practice. It’s a great way to create something quick and useful that students are interested in.

Using Garage Band in Other Subjects

1. Speech

Since Garage Band records voices easily, you can record speeches or class presentations. Little ones love to hear themselves speak and the older ones do, too!

2. Class Compilation

Want to include your whole class in a recording? Have you students say an original sentence, “When I grow up….” or “My favorite thing about summer….” You can record all of them in one track by pausing the recording in between students. Worried they’re going to giggle or mess up? No big deal, just back the cursor up and start again. I did this last year for my school’s graduation. As the students processed, each of them was heard saying, “If I could go anywhere in the world….” followed by their original thoughts. I choose several songs from my itunes to play softly as background music as they spoke. The parents and students loved it and it added a personal touch to the ceremony.

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