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9-12: Un Viaje Inolvidable

by Mary Thomas / Learn NC

Students will create a 12-page booklet about a real or imaginary plane trip (within or beyond the United States). The twelve pages include a title page, 10 pages (each with one sentence using a verb or various verbs in the preterit tense) and an ending page. Students share the processes involved in preparing to travel by plane, as well as activities enjoyed during the trip itself and at the destination.

Learning outcomes

Students will incorporate learned travel vocabulary and the preterit tense (both regular and irregular forms) into a creative product to present to the class.

Teacher planning

Time required for lesson

2 weeks

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h4. Materials/resources

1. construction paper

2. markers, crayons, and colored pencils

3. scissors

4. glue

5. computer graphics

6. magazine pictures

7. stickers

8. ribbon

9. personal photos and mementos

10. Spanish/English dictionary

11. En espanol! level 2 textbook

Technology resources

Students will need to use a word-processing program to type their sentences and the Internet to download pictures which relate to air travel, their destinations or the activities they might enjoy while traveling. An overhead projector is also needed for the “idea splashes.”


Begin with two “idea splashes”: (1) What things would you need to do in order to prepare for an airplane trip? Students share their ideas (in English) and the teacher writes these on the projector. The students copy the ideas into their notebooks. We also (2) brainstorm resources to use in decorating the booklets. Activities

From the list of brainstormed ideas (how to prepare for the trip), students work independently to choose 10 to 15 important tasks/activities (some sentences may have more than one verb) and they begin to order them chronologically. Then, using their textbook, a bilingual dictionary, and their class notebooks, they begin to create sentences in the preterit tense.

Examples include: “Recibi mi pasaporte.” “Compre el boleto en la agencia de viajes.” “Fui de compras y empaque mis maletas.”


See the attached 15-point rubric. Teachers may feel free to modify the grading rubric as they wish. Supplemental information

There is an attached handout entitled “Un viaje inolvidable” Project Requirements which explains the assignment to students. Related websites

These will vary, according to each student’s chosen destination.


Students enjoyed working on this project because it enabled them to work out of the book and have a change of routine. Also, they were able to reflect upon personal experiences or use their imaginations. The creative aspect was also fun and challenging.

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