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The Preposition Song

The Preposition Song

We all get a little nostalgiac about the Grammar Rock videos

Education Level: Grade 4-5-6

Prepositions links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. The word of phrase introduced by the proposition is called the object of a preposition.

There are several versions of The Preposition Song, and several are here for your reference.

Performed by an 8th Grade Class:

Grammer Rock Classic Preposition Video:

Sample song text:

Verse 1

Aboard, about, above, across

Against, along, around

Amid, among, after, at

Except, for, during, down

Verse 2

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Behind, below, beneath, beside

Between, before, beyond

By, in, from, off, on, over, of

Until, unto, upon


Verse 3

Under, underneath, since, up

Like, near, past, throughout, through

With, within, without, instead

Toward, inside, into, to

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