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9-12: Snap! Crackle! Box!

Lansford & Peck, Learn NC

The student will create a new cereal and design an original box as their final for Art 1. This is a cumulative assignment incorporating the skills and techniques studied and developed throughout the course of the year.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

develop awareness of a marketing issue by applying the art skills learned this semester similar to what a graphic designer would do.

demonstrate understanding of his/her selected artist’s style, subject matter, and/or technique by incorporating at least one of these characteristics into the finished product. The artist selected for study was determined earlier in the semester when each student selected an artist from a teacher-generated list and reproduced a painting by that artist.

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Teacher planning

Time required for lesson

5 hours


  • For each student, you will need to provide:

an empty, unfolded cereal box

a piece of white poster board.

  • For each group, you will need to provide:

assorted art materials; i.e., pastels, oil pastels, water colors, acrylics, drawing and colored pencils, erasers, markers, glue, scissors


Teacher-led class discussion and graphic organization about cereals in general, including what prompts us to like or dislike particular cereals; i.e., cereal types, flavors, packaging, prizes included, etc. Class discussion could include brainstorming art professions like graphic artists, etc.


1. The teacher will introduce to the students the concept of creating a cereal and designing the boxes using the artist they have studied this year.

2. Distribute empty, unfolded cereal boxes around and give students time to look at as many different boxes as possible during the allotted time.

3. Distribute manila paper so student can begin to sketch out ideas for cereal and box design. Students must include as much information as they can: front, back, sides, top and bottom; UPC Code; ingredients; company name and logo; etc.

4. Once concept drawing is approved by teacher, the student gets a piece of white poster board and an unfolded cereal box for tracing. Student traces cereal box and cuts out the shape (die-cut) and begins drawing all artwork with pencil first. When satisfied with art and design, student should choose and use the mediums best-suited to complete the project.

5. When all artwork is finished, student will fold and hot glue his/her box for a completed presentation and/or display. (Some students like to add styrofoam peanuts to give the illusion of volume and sound.)

Supplemental information

Empty cereal boxes for display

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Critical vocabulary

die cut, composition, medium, value, symmetry/asymmetry, emphasis

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