You and your group members will be rewriting and reenacting scenes (approximately 300 lines) from the Greek tragedy, Oedipus the King.


• As a class, determine a modern context in which the play will take place.

• Condense lines from approximately 300 lines to 150-250 lines.

• Rewrite lines in modern English.

• Maintain most important scenes and lines to keep plot continuous, reveal character development, conflict, irony, and foreshadowing.

• Act out newly created scenes in order for the class to view the modern version of play in its entirety.

Each group must:

1. Have a written script (final draft) which may be used during performance but will also be handed in for a group grade.

2. Write a brief synopsis or summary of their scene to be read to the class prior to performance. This summary is important because it allows the class to be familiar with story and plot, which as you know, is necessary for the comprehension and enjoyment of the performance.

*In your summary, be sure to include two (2) literary devices that were focused on in your scene. (For example, this scene was necessary in revealing the internal conflict of Oedipus as well as revealing the blindness and sight imagery.)

3. Assign roles to every group member. The Chorus is included in every scene, therefore this will not be difficult.)

4. Stick closley to plot and characterization. We are reconstructing language and context NOT characters and plot.

5. Use class time wisely. Performance day is set for _________________.

6. Cooperate and work well together. Remember, this is to help you review for the Oedipus test and better understand the play. ENJOY!

Group Assignments:

Group 1 Lines 1-295

Group 2 Lines 296-575

Group 3 576-857

Group 4 Lines 858-999; 1000-1143

Group 5 Lines 1144-1419

Group 6 Lines 1420-1650

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