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All About ME: Likenesses & Differences

by Crystal Sigmon, Learn NC

This lesson will help to enhance the self-esteem of the students by focusing on each child’s individual differences.

A lesson plan for Kindergarten Healthful Living Education, Social Studies and Guidance

Students will enhance their self-esteem by learning that all people have likenesses and differences. Students will learn to be accepting of differences in other people.

Time required for lesson:45 Minutes


  • People by Peter Spier, Doubleday; Reprint edition (May 1988) ISBN: 038524469X
  • Chart paper with Venn diagram
  • Markers
  • Drawing paper
  • Crayons


The teacher may find these pre-activities useful:

  • Create self-portraits. Use mirrors so that the children can explore their individual characteristics.
  • Read and discuss the book, I’m Terrific, by Marjorie Sharmat.
  • Discussion “favorites” foods, colors, books, toys, games, etc.


1. Gather the children around you on carpet. Read and look at the book People. Talk about things that are alike and different about the people in the book.

2. Ask for two student volunteers to come and stand in front of the class. Use a Venn diagram to compare the likenesses and differences of the two students. Have the other students ask the volunteers questions about what they like, such as their favorite color, food, toy, etc. During the comparison, focus on the differences. Say, “It is the differences that make us unique and special.”

3. After the Venn diagram has been completed, have the children think of the ways that they are different and special. Have the children return to their seats and draw a picture of one way that they are different from their friends and peers.

4. Students will share their pictures with the class telling one of the ways that they are different that makes each one of them special.


Each student’s understanding of likenesses and differences will be evident in the conversations that take place during the activity and in the sharing of each individual picture.


This is a positive way to acknowledge individual differences of people, especially friends and peers.

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