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Nancy Meryl Cohen

About This Job

What is this job like?

This job is where you need to be articulate and approachable to people. You need to know your products and be able to stand by them. You must have knowledge of the item you are selling in case the customer has questions.A sale is the act of selling a product in return for money.

What skills should you have for this job?

Outgoing, articulate, firm, direct and approachable

How do you get qualified for this job?

Depending on the sales position, many people graduate high school and get trained from the company they work for. Others obtain a 4 year college degree in Business Management.

How much does this job pay?

Depending on the sales position, a person’s salary can vary. If one works in a retail store it can be minimum wage or above. If they work for a large corporation, they can earn 100K per year or more.

How many jobs are there/will there be?


Are there other jobs like this?

Videos about this job: Delicious starts right here

Websites about this job: “The Mindset of a Winner”


Strong Words and Sales


To introduce students to the selected career and how the skills necessary are tied to school curriculum. Students will make the site more appealing than it is by using word to be direct to their consumers.


paper, pencils and article “Delicious starts right here”


The teacher will introduce the article and explain that it needs more words that will capture the audience.

Using the white board, the teacher will ask the students to come up with adjectives that describe the i.e.: Big Mac

The teacher will explain that this will be an entire class lesson on selling a product.

Students will learn that strong words make the sale stronger.

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