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Truck Drivers

Nancy Meryl Cohen

About This Job

What is this job like?

Truck-drivers provide an essential service to industrialized societies by transporting finished goods and raw materials over land, generally to manufacturing plants, retail and distribution centers.

What skills should you have for this job?

The skills needed are having confidence to maneuver a large truck and be able to make turns. Other skills entail being able to drive long distances

How do you get qualified for this job?

You need a special truck drivers license.Truck drives need Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier safety Administration.

How much does this job pay?

$46K per year or hourly wages

Are there other jobs like this?

Public Bus Transportation drivers, mini bus drivers, bus driers, tourist truck drivers

Videos about this job: Backing a Semi (tutorial #4)

Truck driver in Amtrak rash had 5 traffic citations

Trucks at work:


To introduce students to the selected career and how the skills necessary are tied to school curriculum. Students will gather information about cargo trucks and, the diverse loads they carry and their importance to a countries economy.


animal cracker boxes,paper fasteners,scissors, colorful paper , glue, access to the internet, books on trucks in the classroom.


Teacher will discuss several types of trucks that exist. Some are for delivering furniture, others food products to supermarkets etc.

Students will work in groups of 3 to research a specific truck service and make a group truck out of the animal cracker box.

Students will use colorful paper to place on the animal cracker box and write down all of the specific things they have researched about this truck.

Students will cut the top of the box so that all ends are straight across.

Students will use the pieces they cut to make circles and will use paper fasteners to place each wheel onto the bottom of the box.

The teacher will ask each group to share their truck and attach each truck to the animal cracker string provided.

After each group has explained their truck, then the trucks will be together throughout the room for display

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