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Cooking and food Preparation

Nancy Meryl Cohen

About This Job

What is this job like?

Cooks and food preparation workers prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods, from salads to snacks and salad entrees, side dishes and desserts. They work in a variety of restaurants as well as other places where food is served.Cooks and food preparation workers prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods from soups, snacks and salads. To salads such as grocery stores, schools and hospitals.

What skills should you have for this job?

A high school diploma is not required for beginning jobs, however, it is recommend for those interested in working in food services.

How do you get qualified for this job?

Restaurants train those who will work for them. More established restaurants will require a Culinary Arts Degree

How much does this job pay?

40K-78K per year

How many jobs are there/will there be?

There will be several jobs in the food industry.

Are there other jobs like this?

food processing occupations,food service managers,food and beverage serving and related workers

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My Restaurant


To introduce students to the selected career and how the skills necessary are tied to school curriculum. Students will write a family recipe and be detailed in explaining how to prepare the ingredients


index card,pen


Students will research a favorite recipe that they have had at home

The teacher will ask the students to write down the ingredients first, the amount of ingredients needed second and third how to prepare the dish.

The teacher will ask the students to come up with a restaurant name for the class and to define food preparation.

The teacher will ask each student to bring in a dish from home, (optional)

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