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Postal Worker

Nancy Meryl Cohen

About This Job

What is this job like?

A Postal Worker consists of many areas; clerk, carrier, custodian, mail handler and maintenance technician.

What skills should you have for this job?

You must be at least 17 years of age and not hold a criminal record. You must complete high school or have a GED

How do you get qualified for this job?

There is an exam called the Battery 470 exam. These jobs are excellent jobs with excellent benefits. The candidates with the highest scores are the ones to be hired.

How much does this job pay?

$57,000 per year

How many jobs are there/will there be?


Are there other jobs like this?

Videos about this job: I’d like to cancel my mail

Websites about this job: U.S. Postal Service to Stop Paying Into Worker Pension Fund

Community Helpers:


To introduce students to the selected career and how the skills necessary are tied to school curriculum.

Students will discover how mail carrier are considered community helpers.


Paper, Pencil


Students will interview their mail man/mail woman

Students will write information down while asking the carrier to respond to the following questions.

1. Why did you choose to deliver the mail as you job?

2. They will ask the carrier what are the advantages and disadvantages of their job.

3. Students will come up with a question of their own regarding the community helper.

4. After their interview, students will write a rough draft as a thank you letter to their mail carrier.

5. Students will bring their work to school and the teacher will ask each student to share their interviews with the class.

6. The teacher will collect the students draft copy for the carrier and assure that grammar and spelling is correct.

7. If the students need to revise their thank you letter, then they will and share it with their teacher for review.

8.When the letter is complete, the teacher will make a copy and place all of the final copies into a class book for the class to view.

9.Students will hand deliver their thank you letter to the carrier when they come to deliver the mail to their homes.

10.The class book can be shared with other classes.

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