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Environmental Engineering

Nancy Meryl Cohen | Teaching

About This Job

What is this job like?

Environmental Engineers conduct hazardous -waste management studies to understand such hazards, advise on treatment and containment.They also design municipal water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

What skills should you have for this job?

Environmental Engineering requires traveling to sites extensively. It also requires being able to work both indoors and outdoors. Environmental Engineering requires one the ability to work at dangerous sites. One important skill entails working with Industrial water waste programs.

How do you get qualified for this job?

The basic qualifications for an environmental engineer will need to receive a baccalaureate in engineering from an accredited school, college, University or other institution of learning.

How much does this job pay?


How many jobs are there/will there be?

There are many jobs for Mechanical engineering in different cities across the US,but there is not a definitive number that can be determined

Are there other jobs like this?

Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Videos about this job: Environmental Engineers

Websites about this job: Environmental engineering science


Safety Gear and Helmets


To introduce students to the selected career and how the skills necessary are tied to the school curriculum.

Students will learn that the helmet is the most important safety gear when playing sports.

Students will realize the importance of wearing a helmet as opposed to not wearing one.


video, article, pencils, paper


Students will learn about basic physics and biomechanics aspects of helmet design. Students will make a two-dimensional sketch of their design idea and a written description.

Students will be able to identify the helmet as the most important piece of safety equipment in many sports.

Students will learn about the risks of not wearing helmets and create ways to encourage others to wear helmets.

Teacher will describe how the helmet absorbs energy in a collision.

Students will design their helmet and share their solutions for safety to the class.

Students will list 2 reasons as to why people do not wear bicycle helmets.

Teacher will share the reasons and write the students responses on the board.

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