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Multiplication Baseball

Multiplication Baseball


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By: Teachnology’s Math Worksheets Center Staff

Objective: Students will review multiplication skills and math facts. This lesson leads students towards mastery of multiplication facts.

Grade Level: Upper Elementary

National Math Standards This Lesson Addresses:

Grade Level 3-5 Numbers and Operations:
• Students will understand the effects of multiplying numbers.
• Students will develop a fluency in multiplication.

Materials Needed:
• Blackboard/White Board
• Large Index Cards or Multiplication Facts Cards (Download now)
Multiplication Flashcard Answers (Download now)
• Markers or Colored Chalk (Green and Light Brown).
• Masking Tape
• Stopwatch or timer


1. If you do not have pre-printed multiplication facts cards, just make your own problems. This can be adapted to any level by just making appropriate skill level problems for you students. You should have a wide variety of problems on the cards that come in 4 difficulty levels. Download sample cards.
Level 1 = simple Level 2 = challenging
Level 3 = difficult Level 4 = Higher level problems

2. Create a baseball diamond on your chalk/white board. This can be achieved by drawing just a few simple shapes:
• A large diamond (green)
• Within that diamond draw a diamond a quarter of the size of the first diamond. Draw white circles on all four points of this diamond (smaller).
• Make a base path (dirt) just outside of that smaller diamond in brown.
• On the next page you will see an example.

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