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K-12 Technology Teaching Careers

K-12 Technology Teaching Careers

Possible Teaching K-12 Career Paths

Elementary computer integration, technology specialist, multimedia teacher

Job Market

Technology has become an integral part to K-12 education, from interactive white boards to class collaborative blogs and wikis. School districts around the country seek to employ teachers who can integrate technology into school curriculum. The employment of schoolteachers is expected to grow by 14 percent before 2016.

Job Description

Because technology has become so important, elementary schools have opted to integrate computers into curriculum where possible. Some elementary schools have computer labs and teachers that instruct students once weekly or daily, while other schools use their technology integration specialist in each classroom to faciliate learning core curriculum. In middle school and high school, older students have elective opportunities to hone technology skills that they might use for a career media, film, computer systems, and more.

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Job Requirements

Computer teachers will need to complete both the necessary requirements to become a teacher and have a background in technology. An advanced degree in technology may be preferred in some districts. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require public school teachers to be licensed through the state board of education, though specific requirements vary. Licensing is not required for private school teachers in most states. Different licenses cover the early childhood grades (usually preschool through grade 3); the elementary grades (grades 1 through 6 or 8); the middle grades (grades 5 through 8); a secondary-education (usually grades 9 through 12.)

Median Salary

Elementary School: $47,870

Middle/High School: $49,470

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