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Cooperative Learning & Critical Thinking: The Question Matrix

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This strategy promotes collaborative learning and higher order thinking skill by using question prompts to engage students, at any grade level, in actively creating and answering their own questions from any text. The students are given the power to create questions and collaboratively work with peers to build upon their knowledge base or review. The Q-Matrix materials contain 36 different combinations of question starters. This strategy is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy by using basic question combinations to complex combinations. For a better explanation and look inside the book (Table of contents, forward, and sample lesson) go to: To order, go to: type in "Q-Matrix" in the search and the book and manipulative will come up

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    It is a great tool to help kids generate their own questions, engage in higher-order thinking, and build teamwork skills. You will be amazed at the questions the kids will come up with!

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