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nikolai19 has 21 friends.

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Jezzabil Jake

Rancho Cordova, CA
Elementary School
Currently Teaching

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May 15
nikolai19 joined the group "Summer Fun".

Summer Fun

nikolai19 has posted: "John Mccain in his first tem".

My Friends,
We are all aware that next January, the political leadership of the United States will change significantly when a new president is ...

May 05
nikolai19 posted in: "What will Mccain do for you?".

Strange language.
"Well, in comparision to his competitors, that is.  Compared to GW at least he's unlikely to litterally torture others while ...

May 02
nikolai19 posted in: "Victory in Iraq?".

You're ignorant and not acknowledging my responses appropriately. Pester elsewhere.

May 01
nikolai19 posted in: "Why Americans Hate Democrats".

On a side note, I found something interesting. Reflect upon this as you read NYT.
Jane Smiley (born September 26, 1949) is a Pulitzer Prize-win...


Reading, Art, Outdoor Activities, Music, Traveling, Computer Activities, Movies, Watching TV, Dining Out
Favorite Movies:
Oceans 11, V for Vendetta, Beowulf
Favorite TV Shows:
O Reilly Factor(I've met him), Lost, Greys Anatomy, Discover Health
Favorite Music:

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  • School_picture_max50


    about 9 years ago


    Awwww, I'm sorry nobody is answering your question! So what exactly is your question? Sorry, I'm a little slow in trying to understand it. If it pertains to a BA in Education, I'm like you. I have no clue. I got my BA in Speech Communications. I know with that degree, you were able to specialize which classes you wanted to take as long as it meets it's requirements. With Education, I myself am deciding what to do next semester. If I should continue taking ECE classes or try to take a graduate class, even though I plan to move by 2009. BTW, how is your job hunting going? Are you working at a school now?