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Alan Belder

Atlanta, GA
High School
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MrB: Activity

March 09
MrB posted in: "Character Education: What makes a child extraordinary?".

 So true- character education should be an integral part of everything we do as educators.

MrB posted in: "When you think about your day...".

 Recently, I'm looking forward to teacher interviews. Our area has been redistricted and I get to hire five new teachers to account for the new stu...

February 16
MrB posted in: "Is the iPad Set to Dominate Public Schools?".

 It is amazing how many people have them. The other day I was at jury duty with the masses and I'd say about 40% of the people there had them- I wa...

February 15
MrB posted in: "If I could play hookie for a day, I would...".

 I would spend the time outdoors doing yard work and not worrying about the time.

MrB posted in: "Do you use Facebook?".

OliviaT says ...

How can you not use Facebook at this point?!
Cause you're too old to like me!


Art, Traveling, Gardening,
Favorite Movies:
The Constant Gardener
Favorite TV Shows:
Everybody Hates Chris
Favorite Music:
Elvis Costello, Van Morisson

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