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Leighton McGarvey

Los Angeles, CA
Currently Teaching

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February 15
LMcGarv posted in: "Teaching traits carried over into life outside class".

I teach after school sports most years, and it's always helpful to talk to parents who get too worked up about a loss of a game like students. Calm...

LMcGarv posted in: "Switching grade levels".

You can present your case to the principal without sounding ungrateful that you still have a job. Just stress that you're happy with your job but t...

November 10
LMcGarv posted in: "Refusing to Participate/Willing to Fail".

This is hard and it sounds like he's playing on you being friendly to rile you up. You can do several things. One, you can call the office or anoth...

LMcGarv posted: "I'm thankful for...".

I volunteered this weekend at a soup kitchen with some of my students in a not nice part of town. I have to say after leaving that I was really tha...

LMcGarv posted in: "Substitute Teaching".

Don't be scared - and if you are- don't show them you are. Middle and high school students smell fear and won't be very nice to you if you're the s...


Animals/Pets, Sports, Gardening

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