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Kelly Marks

Saint Louis, MO
Elementary School
Currently Teaching
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Kelly_M: Activity

July 15
Kelly_M posted in: "Did a teacher influence you?".

I admired teachers who were honest, humble, and seemed human...and that didn't put me to sleep.

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Kelly_M posted in: "Do administrators work the system unfairly?".

I think it's hard to trust administrators sometimes becuase they do so much of their work as a lone decision maker. There isn't a lot of collaborat...

June 11
Kelly_M posted in: "Good movies to rent for the summer?".

It won't be on rental until later this summer, but I totally cheesed out and went to see Sex and the City 2 the other night with a bunch of girls. ...


Reading, Art, Cooking, Traveling, Watching TV,
Favorite Movies:
Napolean Dynamite
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
Jack Johnson, John Mayer

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