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50 Ways Teachers Can Save Money

50 Ways Teachers Can Save Money

Julia G. Thompson

Every day when Americans check the news, the ubiquitous topic tends to be the distressing state of the economy. Layoffs, scandals, the mortgage crisis, bankrupt banks, closing businesses…all of these are frightening reminders of the concerns facing millions of Americans. Because we are in a profession that takes care of others, we strive to help our students cope when the downturn in the economy affects their families.

Unfortunately, too, just like those other Americans, we teachers wonder how we can take care of our own families when times are tough and money and credit are in short supply. We choose to teach knowing that our salaries will never be the main reward offered by our profession.

While teachers are certainly not immune to the threat of layoffs and the decrease in school budgets, we tend to have skills that allow us to cope with this pressure better than many other professionals who have been paid higher salaries than ours tend to be.

All of us, even the newest members of our profession, have acquired skills and attitudes that allow us to live a relatively comfortable lifestyle even now when our nation’s economy is in a doleful state. Our expertise in learning to live below our means can be found in this list of 50 of the best strategies that teachers use to save money.

1. We save our change and put it to good use. Teachers have even been known to purchase furniture and other big ticket items with accumulated coins.

2. Teachers know that eating out is more expensive than eating at home.

3. We frequent discount stores such as the ones where everything costs a dollar or less. We have no problem finding great school supplies and those little items we want to use for tangible rewards there.

4. Teachers go to the grocery store with a list. We know that not having a list means spending more money than we can afford to.

5. Teachers pay attention to how much soap we use. If we pour in too much we know that it is just down the drain in waste.

6. Teachers don’t waste anything if we can help it. After all, we are the people who gladly pick up and reuse the pencils that others drop in the hallways.

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7. We use cloth instead of paper towels as often as we can.

8. We don’t shop when we are hungry.

9. We know how to haggle to get the best deal on a vehicle. When necessary, we can also haggle politely for other things also.

10. We make our own coffee and take it in a travel mug to work.

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