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    Five Critical Resume Strategies for Teachers

    The thought of creating a resume makes most people cringe. One of the biggest challenges of writing a resume is being objective, and thinking critically about what you have to offer. Writing your resume is one time you need to "boast" about your accomplishments; for many, this is extremely difficult. The following strategies and hints will help you get started in ...
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    Creating a Teaching Portfolio

    h4. What is a teaching portfolio? A teaching portfolio is a history of your teaching career and continual work in progress. h4. Why Do I need a teaching portfolio? Many school systems require that you build your portfolio from year to year to show progress. Prospective employers may use a teaching portfolio to get to know you better. h4. How is ...
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    Landing an Interview

    For teachers in high need areas, get an interview with a school principal might not be that difficult. To find out what jobs are available in the field of education in your area, use "Teaching Job Search.": Here are a few ways to schedule quality interviews: 1. Send your resume to the schools you're interested in. Even though the district office ...
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    Popular Interview Questions for Teachers

    Popular Interview Questions for Teachers
    Teaching members have helped put together a list of popular interview questions for teachers. If you have questions to add, please add them "here.": 1. Why did you decide to become a teacher? 2. Harder one: Why are you still teaching? 3. What is your philosophy of education and what tangible ways do you demonstrate it? 4. Where do you ...
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    Step 5: Get Hired

    Step 5: Get Hired
    Preparing a resume and interviewing for a job as a teacher will be unlike any other professional interview. The field of teaching is so unique that the resume and interview questions you prepare for are very specific. Your resume will need to be catered to teaching to get you the interview you want. Once you get an interview for a school ...
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