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Wyoming Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification


Alternative Licensure

Meet the minimum requirements to teach in this state.

Wyoming has an alternative program for secondary licensure through the Northern Plains Transition to Teaching program located at Montana State University-Bozeman. This program is funded by a federal grant and allows individuals to work in a Wyoming School district while they obtain their teaching license. The program requires a bachelor’s in a secondary teachable area and employment in a Wyoming school district.

Visit the NPTT site to obtain more information regarding application to the program.

Who can use the NPTT Alternative Route?

Individuals Seeking Initial Licensure

The NPTT program can be used by individuals who have previously completed a B.A. in a secondary teaching field but did not complete coursework in teacher preparation. NPTT allows applicants to obtain work in a Wyoming school district while completing the teacher preparation coursework necessary to become fully licensed.

What are the requirements for NPTT?</strong

In order to apply to the NPTT program, the applicant must currently hold a B.A. in a secondary teaching area AND be employed by a Wyoming school district.

Please note: Districts are required to conduct a customary search to attempt to obtain a fully licensed teacher for a particular position they may need to fill. If the district is unable to find a fully licensed and qualified teacher, it has the option of offering the position to someone who has a B.A. in that teaching area—on the condition that the applicant enrolls in the NPTT program. Therefore, if you are not yet fully licensed, but are interested in applying for a particular position with a Wyoming school district, you may do so with the understanding that if you are offered the position, you will be required to 1) apply for an Exception Authorization and 2) immediately enroll in the NPTT program.

Troops to Teachers

Wyoming also participates in the Troops-to-Teachers program through the regional office located in Montana. Visit the TTT site for more information.

The Wyoming Department of Education

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