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Texas Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification


What are the basic requirements for becoming a teacher in Texas?

Meet the minimum requirements to teach in this state.

You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Texas institutions do not offer a degree in education. Every teacher must have an academic major, as well as teacher training courses. The only exemption from the degree requirement is for individuals seeking Career and Technology certification to teach certain courses, such as welding or computer-aided drafting.

You must complete teacher training through an approved program. These programs are offered through colleges and universities, school districts, regional service centers, community colleges, and other entities.

You must successfully complete the appropriate teacher certification tests for the subject and grade level you wish to teach.

For a list of the certification tests and information on which tests are required, click here.

A teacher who holds an appropriate Texas classroom teaching certificate and a bachelor’s degree may add classroom certification areas by successfully completing the appropriate certification examination(s) for the area(s) sought. Certification by examination is not available for:

  • initial certification;
  • career and technology certification based on skill and work experience;
  • a class of certificate other than classroom teacher (e.g. School Counselor, Principal, Superintendent, Learning Resources/School Librarian, Educational Diagnostician);
  • a certificate for which no certification examination has been developed.
  • The first step toward additional certification by examination is passing an appropriate subject matter test. To access the appropriate websites for test registration, click here.

    To apply online for additional certification based on examination after you have passed a test, click here.

    How do you choose the teacher training program that is best for you?

    Programs for those who do not yet have a college degree. Colleges and universities offer programs for training teachers. You will receive a degree in an academic major, as well as the training you would need to be an effective teacher. For a list of colleges and universities that offer teacher training as part of an undergraduate degree program, click here.

    Programs for those who already have a college degree (alternative certification and post-baccalaureate programs). These programs, which include accelerated routes into teaching, offer training on how to be an effective teacher, as well as additional courses you might need in the subject area you wish to teach. Many of these programs can be completed in a year, during which time you may have a paid teaching position in a public school classroom. For a list of these programs, click here.

    The Texas Department of Education

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