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Ohio Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification


Alternative Paths to Teacher Licensure Requirements

Meet the minimum requirements to teach in this state.

The Center for the Teaching Profession is committed to the recruitment and retention of high-quality teachers and principals, expanding the pool of capable teachers and principals and making it easier for Ohio schools to hire and retain good teachers.

Alternative paths to teacher licensure permit qualified baccalaureate degree-holders to transition to careers as classroom teachers. This page provides information and resources related to Ohio’s alternative licensure programs, for content area teachers, Grades 7-12.

Requirements for an Alternative Educator License (for Grades 7-12):

  • Applicant must hold baccalaureate degree with a GPA of 2.5 or higher in major (the content area to be taught) or extensive work experience directly related to the content area;
  • Applicant must pass prescribed content area examination (Praxis II content area test);
  • Applicant must complete six semester hours (or the equivalent) of professional education coursework within the past five years with a GPA of 2.5, and from a college or university approved to prepare teachers, as follows: three hours in teaching methods, including field experience, and three hours in developmental characteristics of adolescent youths;
  • License (two-year non-renewable) is issued on verification of employment by superintendent of school district; Employing school district agrees to provide a structured mentoring program.
  • Click here to access the Alternative Educator License – Adolescence to Young Adult 7-12
  • Requirements for a Provisional Educator License:

  • Applicant must complete two years of teaching under the alternative license;
  • Applicant must successfully complete (with a GPA of 2.5 or higher) at least 12 additional semester hours (or the equivalent) of college coursework in the principles and practices of teaching, student development and learning, pupil assessment procedures, curriculum development, classroom management, and teaching methodology;
  • Applicant must pass the appropriate assessment of professional knowledge (Praxis II test in the principles of learning and teaching).
  • Requirements for a Professional Educator License:

  • Applicant must complete a structured mentoring program, provided by employing school district, that is congruent with the performance assessment required for entry year teachers;
  • Applicant must complete the Ohio entry year program. License is renewed every five years pending completion of prescribed professional development activities.
  • Click here to access the Initial License
  • The Ohio Department of Education

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