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New Hampshire Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification



Meet the minimum requirements to teach in this state.

Alternative 1

A process whereby the New Hampshire State Board of Education approves programs of professional preparation in education and the chairperson of the Education Department of each institution recommends certification to the Bureau of Credentialing.

Louise Miller, lmiller, (603) 271-2408 (NH Approved Programs)

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Alternative 2

A process whereby New Hampshire accepts candidates from all states and other jurisdictions if the candidate graduated from an approved state program, or has been employed as a certified teacher for at least three years out of the last seven, or completed an alternative certification program.

Rilma Nickerson,, (603) 271-3873

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Alternative 3

Is designed for candidates who have gained the competencies, skills, and knowledge through means other than Alternative 1 or Alternative 2. The Alternative 3 process includes both written examination and oral review. Candidates may request teaching, administrative, or educational specialist certification on the basis of demonstrated competencies and equivalent experiences.

Rilma Nickerson,, (603) 271-3873

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Alternative 4

A certification process restricted to critical shortage areas, certain career and technical specialty areas, and business administrators. A superintendent may employ a candidate who meets eligibility requirements. The superintendent of schools, or designee, then develops an Individualized Professional Development Plan leading to full certification. Entry level requirements for all areas are available from the Bureau. A list of critical shortage areas is published by the Bureau each year.

Jean Smolen,, (603) 271-3872

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Alternative 5

An on-the-job training option which allows an individual to attain certification in elementary and secondary teaching areas if the candidate has a bachelor’s degree, (a 2.50 GPA overall and at least 30 credits in the area they wish to pursue certification), and if a local school district is willing to assume the responsibility for training and supervising the teacher candidate. A superintendent may hire an individual who possesses a statement of eligibility issued by the Bureau of Credentialing.

Jean Smolen,, (603) 271-3872

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