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Nevada Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification


Meet the minimum requirements to teach in this state.

Special Licenses endorsements include special education, administration, counseling, library, business and industry, and other selected teaching areas. Business and industry endorsements require six semester hours of professional occupational courses and five years of work experience in the area of endorsement. All other endorsements under the special license require a degree and specific course work.

Clarification of Required Employment for Business and Industry License:

Three (3) of the 5 years of employment may be met by the completion of course work or training in the career and technical education area related to the endorsement. Each of the following will be considered equivalent to one (1) year of full-time employment:

1. Sixteen (16) semester credits from an accredited or licensed postsecondary institution; or

2. Two hundred and fifty (250) hours of training from an accredited or licensed postsecondary institution; or

3. Two thousand (2,000) hours of part-time employment; or

4. One thousand (1,000) hours of pre-planned employment (such as on-the-job training or apprenticeship).

Additional Alternate Routes to Licensing: Coming Soon to Nevada

Nevada Department of Education

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