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Step 4: Salary & Benefits Guide for Teachers

Step 4: Salary & Benefits Guide for Teachers

Jill Hare | Teaching

Professional Benefits

1. Vacation

There are many vacation days built in to the school year. Don’t worry about having to take time off around the holidays; it’s one of the perks to being a teacher. You do accrue sick and personal days throughout the year, but don’t expect to use all of your earned days every year. Since the teaching schedule is so great, when school is in session, plan to be there every day.

2. Healthcare

Family health care is a standard benefit in schools. Expect to be offered health care for general care as well as dental and vision. Many plans cover counseling, rehabilitation and other special services.

3. Insurance

Short and long-term disability plans may not be a part of the public school standard package. For a minimal fee, the system should provide a choice of carriers to choose from. Life insurance and workman compensation policies, however, are usually standard.

4. Retirement

Most public schools offer a state retirement plan, while private schools might offer 401K plans. It is common for separate investment and retirement companies to work with schools help teachers plan for the future. Find out more about retirement and planning for the future.

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