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Popular Interview Questions for Teachers

Popular Interview Questions for Teachers

Teaching members have helped put together a list of popular interview questions for teachers. If you have questions to add, please add them here.

1. Why did you decide to become a teacher?

2. Harder one: Why are you still teaching?

3. What is your philosophy of education and what tangible ways do you demonstrate it?

4. Where do you see yourself in five years? (Be careful to stay professional with this question and answer with where you want your career to be in five years, not how your personal life affects that.)

5. How do (or will you) differentiate instruction?

6. Why do you want to work at this particular school or in this particular district? Make sure you do your homework so you know what the school or district is all about.

7. How do you plan to teach kids the subject of reading? How do you plan to teach all areas of reading and how do you plan to reach all the students?

8. Do you know what standardized testing is and what does it assess?

9. How do you motivate a lazy student?

10. How do you deal with parents- what’s the first step you take toward parental contact?

11. What is your classroom management strategy?

12, How do you feel about No Child Left Behind?

13. What makes one successful teacher?

14. What are the qualities of successful teacher?

15. How would he react if a student became very upset?

16. Which educational theory/ies do you adhere to, why, and how does your orientation manifest in the classroom?

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