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Landing an Interview


For teachers in high need areas, get an interview with a school principal might not be that difficult. To find out what jobs are available in the field of education in your area, use Teaching Job Search.

Here are a few ways to schedule quality interviews:

1. Send your resume to the schools you’re interested in. Even though the district office will be processing your information, contacting a school directly can put your qualifications on the desk of the person who has the power to hire you.

2. Call the principal. If the principal is too busy to take your phone call, let the secretary know that you’re interested in a job and would like to make an appointment with the principal. Most likely, your request will be met easily.

3. Network. Everybody seems to know a teacher- use this to your advantage. Contact family and friends to see if anyone on the staff of the school you’d like to interview can put in a personal work for you. You’d be surprised how far a personal recommendation can go.

4. You’ve called, you’ve written, and you’ve sent a messenger. After all that, no word from the principal has returned for an interview. Drop by the school after school hours. The principal might be easier to catch when students are gone for the day and be more relaxed to speak with you. This could turn in to an impromptu interview, so come prepared.

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