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Characteristics Teachers Need

Characteristics Teachers Need


Being a teacher isn’t for everyone. Teaching does not come with a high salary, though it can come with high rewards. Many skills are required to become successful in a classroom. If you are selecting education as your first or second career, there are several qualities that are helpful to possess. Ask yourself the following questions.

Do you like people?

I know the question may seem simple, but it is important that teachers like people. No teacher sits at a desk in isolation all day. The day is spent interacting with people. Spend lots of time with children of different ages. Find the age level that you are most comfortable working with. You’ll be spending the majority of your day with students, and liking them will help your classroom stay a happy place.

Can you be calm in any situation?

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Classrooms can go from stillness to chaos in a matter of seconds. It is important that teachers have a handle on their emotions. Children, parents, or faculty may yell at you or each other. Staying calm and responding calmly will help you stay professional and balanced.

Are you fair?

There might be a student in your classroom that successfully becomes the “teachers pet.” However, every student in your class needs to be assessed by their performance skills, not on their personality. Establish rules and follow them to be considered a fair teacher. Students will find it hard to argue with a teacher who is always fair.

Can you see situations from different views?

You classroom may be a melting pot of the town you teach in. There might by many different ethnic or socio-economic groups represented in your class. Students might also be diverse in their learning habits, speech or motor skills. The ability to see every student and their unique perspective is an important skill in teaching; every student should have the chance to understand the lesson.

Are you confident about sharing your knowledge?

Whether it is math or music, teachers need to know their content area and be confident in sharing it. Teachers are leading student learning all day. It is easier to command attention when you know what you’re talking about. Some teachers experience nerves at first when appearing before a class. Never fear, you will get over it.

Can you manage time effectively and with flexibility?

The school day goes by fast. In order to organize lessons effectively, it’s important to manage time effectively. A meaningful lesson can be taught in any amount to time, but there’s more to the school day than one lesson. Being flexible with time and organizing lessons is key to achieving student performance goals.

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