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No Teacher Left Behind: Together We Can End the Struggle

No Teacher Left Behind: Together We Can End the Struggle

Tutors for Teachers (T4T)

Tutors for Teachers (T4T) Aims to Help Boost Test Scores for Aspiring Educators and Career Changing Professionals

Have you struggled to meet certification requirements in the Praxis, NBPTS, NYSTCE and all other state exams*? Are you an aspiring educator or a career changing professional soon to take your teacher certification exam? T4T is here for you!

Tutors for Teachers Certification, LLC (T4T) was birthed with the purpose of reaching those who are seeking teacher certification throughout the entire U.S. and in every content area. It is an online tutoring company, using 21st Century technology to assist clients on the go or at a moments notice. Tutors are currently available to clients through the use of Android, IPad 2, Live Chat, Skype, and the list continues. Tutors for Teachers provides 24 hour service to its clients either by phone, internet, or in the comfort of the client’s home town. Its slogan, “A Passion, A Commitment, A Promise…

To Educate, Empower, Ignite and Rekindle the Educators of our Nation” is more than a motto; it is truly a commitment to all who seek T4T services.

Since its conception, the company’s goal has been to ensure that its clients receive proper preparation for testing in their specific content area(s). This includes a full evaluation with a pre/post assessment of comprehension of material, precision, and testing versatility with a 90% success rate in examinations and subsequent certification. With this commitment, Tutors for Teachers strives to boost self-esteem within its clients, both personally and professionally.

Now, more than ever before, countless articles about teachers struggling to pass their exams and consequently becoming unemployed are appearing across the nation. In recent research by ETS & NEA, statistics show minority subgroups struggling to pass certification exams including the Praxis I and other standardized tests at an overwhelmingly higher rate than their white counterparts (read Toward Increasing, Teacher Diversity). Though research shows no clear explanation as to why this phenomenon exists, T4T firmly believes that this imbalance should not exist at all. That is why all T4T tutors are state certified teachers or college professors in their content area. These qualified tutors are not only passionate about the learning process, but they are also committed to ensuring the success of their clients. Tutors for Teachers believe in fostering the learning process in a tension-free atmosphere, and as such, extends to its clients the unique advantage of a one-on-one tutor experience. Staff members conduct personalized sessions with every client in order to ensure that each client’s needs are met appropriately and that services yield passing scores on certification exams.

With unemployment on the rise and certification exams ever present, T4T is committed to helping educators help other educators succeed; it remains loyal to its promise to pay it forward. T4T believes that together, we can end this struggle, one new teacher at a time.

*For a full list of certification exams and to learn more about Tutors for Teachers (T4T) employment opportunities and tutoring services, please log onto the following website:

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