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Will Hand Delivering Resumes Get You a Teaching Job?

Will Hand Delivering Resumes Get You a Teaching Job?

I belong to many online teacher forums and find that many discussions, regarding how to apply for a job, suggest personally delivering cover letters and resumes to principals. Last summer, I tested this theory and spent 1 to 2 days a week visiting local schools and administration buildings in hopes of finding a job for the upcoming year.

By the end of the summer I attempted to deliver my resume to 53 people in 7 districts. These people include principles, head of personnel, and school superintendents.

Out of these 53 resumes I was not able to deliver 28. In 26 cases the building was either not open or opened with nobody there. In 2 cases, I was told by the secretary that the superintendent / personnel office will not accept my resume and I need to apply online through OLAS (a central application site that many of my local districts use).

Out of the remaining 25 resumes, that I was able to deliver, I was asked to leave 15 of them with the office secretary and 1 of them in an envelope under the principal’s door. This means that out of 53 resumes I was only able to personally deliver 9 to the people addressed on the cover letters.

While talking to the 9 principals I was told among other things: “there are no jobs right now,” “it is good what you are doing,” “we will probably need leave replacements mid year,” “make sure you apply on OLAS,” “make sure the district office has a copy,” and “you may want to start subbing” (-been there done that).

Did I think I would get a job by doing this? Realistically no.

So why did I do it? Because it only takes one person to say YES. As a result, I will once again spend this summer hand delivering as many resumes as I can.

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