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5 Reaons to Love (and Hate) Teaching Jobs

5 Reaons to Love (and Hate) Teaching Jobs

Jill Hare | Teaching

Teaching is highly regarded as a profession, but what are five great reasons to love it? Find out!

1. It’s Challenging

Teaching, especially in the inner city or special education allows for great challenges and success. Solving on-the-job issues and making progress with students makes the hardest challenges rewarding.

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2. Great Leadership

Each principal is unique, and the best school leaders give their teachers the tools and freedom they need to succeed. Constructive criticism should be welcome, and positive affirmation of a good well done goes a long way.

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3. Great Team

Teachers are part of a big team of educators on a school campus. As the only adults, they form bonds that only educators can. Working together collaboratively with talented and caring teachers makes for a great work environment.

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4. Meaningful Work

What matters more than shaping the youth of the next generation? Not much! Teachers have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the world by sharing their knowledge.

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5. Job Security

Job security is important to everyone, but teachers that are tenured and consistently do their jobs well have more security than most.

Other positive comments included flexibility and work/life balance. Isn’t is interesting is that not a single respondent mentioned salary or benefits as the reason for loving their job?!

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