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Sell Your Job Skills in Under 15 Seconds

Sell Your Job Skills in Under 15 Seconds

A+ Resumes for Teachers

With the economy the way it currently is, school districts are receiving teacher resumes from an ever-increasing amount of applicants. Employers are able to be far choosier more now than ever. That is why it is crucial that you make your teaching resume stand out above the rest. It is said that potential employers take approximately 10-15 seconds to scan a resume. You must ensure that you grab their attention and leave them wanting to read on and learn more. Job fairs are fast approaching and it is critical your resume and cover letter stands out, there are tons of job seekers fighting for the same position.

The first item that must catch their eye is your name. If you leave a memorable impression, they will recognize your name down the road when they are finalizing their list of interviews. The second item must be your job title. An employer does not want to have to hunt through a document to try and figure out which position you are looking to obtain. Make your current or desired job title stand out. Be as specific as possible. If you are seeking the position of Secondary English Teacher or Elementary School Teacher (K-5), then specify this.

Next on the list of attention grabbers is a list of areas of expertise or core competencies. These are the hard or technical skills you use everyday in the classroom to establish an inclusive, enriching, and rewarding learning environment. Focus on methods that allow you to reach out to all students and help them reach their full potential. In addition, highlight up-and-coming teacher trends or teacher buzzwords that you can relate to and prove your knowledge. For example Bloom’s Taxonomy, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Multiculturalism, Technology Integration, Inclusion, etc. Let your areas of expertise shine through, letting the school district know that by hiring you they will be gaining a true asset to their learning community.

By now 10-15 seconds is probably up. With your eye-catching teacher resume you have made the reader want to know more. However, you must now focus on holding their attention. The next 15 seconds could also make or break your marketability. This is when the role of your professional profile kicks in and demonstrates that you are indeed the full package and worth another look.

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