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A Day in the Life of an Elementary School Music Teacher

A Day in the Life of an Elementary School Music Teacher

Music teachers usually start as musicians before they start teacher training.

Jill Hare, Editor |

1:40-2:30 4th/5th grade choir students start arriving in the music room. They grab their music folders and find their assigned seats. They visit while everyone arrives. Once I feel that most of them have arrived, I start to play the piano and the students know that this is an indication to stand and sing warm-ups. Grandparents Day is in a few weeks, so we focus on practicing the two songs we’ll be singing for that program.

2:30 School day ends. Toward the end of the choir class, the school intercom becomes busy, as all dismissal is done over the intercom. As students are called by mode of transportation, my class gets smaller for a moment.

2:30-4:30 An influx of students are coming and going in the music room. I have musical rehearsal after school with about 100 students. The musical for the year is “Aladdin.” For the next two hours, we work on lines, singing and choreography as a whole or in small groups. While I work with some students, others know that they are required to do homework or read. I’m the only teacher supervising, so I have to keep three eyes open to make sure all of my students are behaving. One month till show time!

4:30 Walk students to the front of school for carpool home from musical practice. Pack students in their cars, talk to parents, and “hang” out with students while we wait for them to get picked up.

5:00 Last student gets picked up. I walk back to my room and gather my things and check my email one more time.

5-7pm Though my normal school day has ended, I took an extra job teaching music lessons several hours after school. It’s a great way to earn some extra money and fun one-on-one instruction.

7:00 Head home

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