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Ways to Submit Your Teacher Resume

Ways to Submit Your Teacher Resume

1. Online Postings: Posting your teacher resume online places it where thousands of potential employers and recruiters can see it. If you have good credentials, then your resume can get picked up fast and easily. Also, many schools have online application procedures for new teaching jobs. Thus, attaching your resume to an online teaching job application is another great way to submit it.

2. E-mailing your Teacher Resume: In the 21st century, most teacher job searches moved online. Not only is e-mailing your resume a fast way to submit it to local recruiters, but, for international teaching jobs, it may be the only way to submit your teaching application and resume. Here is some information you need to remember when emailing your teacher resume:

• Make sure you include your name and the exact teaching job you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail. This helps recruiters identify that the e-mail is from a prospective applicant, and it improves the chances of your e-mail actually being opened.

• Always use the full forms of words and no abbreviations. For example, no ‘u’ for ‘you’, no FYI for ‘For your information’ and things like that. Recruiters will be less than impressed by such e-mail etiquette when used by a teacher.

• Send your teacher resume as a plain Microsoft Word document. Not everybody has advanced software to view resumes that have been typed in PDF or JPEG. So unless you want your teacher resume to be cast aside because the receiver cannot open it, send it in plain text.

• Don’t just check, but double check, that your e-mail and your teaching resume do not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes from an educator are not well received.

3. Hand delivering your Teacher Resume: Delivering your resume by hand is also a good way to get it in front of prospective employers. You simply approach school district personnel offices directly and drop off your resume, indicating that it should go to the personnel director. If the opportunity presents itself, you can also speak to the personnel director or an assistant and give your teaching resume to him or her.

You should also hand deliver your resume to as many recruiters as you can. Attending teacher job fairs enables you to do this effectively.

In addition, if you are personally acquainted with a school principal, you might consider asking him or her, as a favor, to look over your resume and recommend you to the district’s personnel director.

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4. Mailing the Resume: Your teacher resume can also be submitted through regular postal delivery. If your application includes other papers in addition to your resume or if you want to make sure your application reaches the receiver promptly, you can send it by registered mail. It is also possible to send an application package using a package delivery service.

Other methods of submitting your teaching application and your teacher resume include faxing it or passing it through people in your network who will forward it to potential employers.

Make sure you have the perfect resume and cover letter prior to embarking on your job search. You can review samples by clicking here.

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