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Teachers in Demand Across the U.S.

Teachers in Demand Across the U.S.

Depsite a looming recession, careers in teaching are still available.


Even though the economy may be struggling to stay out of a recession, teacher shortages are still common in many locations throughout the U.S. Teaching recently researched the most recent teacher shortages to make the news. If you’re looking for a teaching job, try one of these markets to find a home for your teaching career.

1. Wichita, Kansas

Classrooms are Calling Want to be a teacher? If you’re qualified and intend to teach in a high-need subject area or school, the Wichita school district wants you. And chances are, there’s a program that will finance some or all of your training. Struggling with a nationwide teacher shortage and bracing for even leaner times, school districts, colleges and some local high schools are doing more to encourage young people to consider teaching careers. Read more: the latest teaching shortage in Wichita.

2. Georgia

Statewide Need It’s projected Georgia will need more than 132,000 teachers by 2012. Right now, Georgia is about 17,000 teachers short of that goal. Statewide, there’s a need to find highly qualified teachers who are certified. 11.4 percent of teachers in the state aren’t fully certified according to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The gap could get wider as more teachers retire or leave the profession early. Read more: the latest teaching shortage in Georgia.

3. St. Louis, Missouri

New Bill Proposed. People without teaching degrees could become public school teachers under a bill which would require those without teaching degrees to be certified by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence before they could be hired as teachers.The Washington-based group requires prospective teachers to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, complete a teaching methods course and spend 60 hours in a classroom before they are certified. Read more: the latest teaching shortage in St. Louis.

4. Fall River District, Massachusetts

Spring Shortage Facing a shortage of substitute teachers in the district, the School Committee is being asked to approve a contract with a temporary staffing company to fill the void. “We don’t have a pool of people, nor the mechanism to train people,” Superintendent Nicholas A. Fischer said. The problem typically becomes worse during the spring, he added. Read more: the latest teaching shortage in Fall River, Mass.

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5. Blane County School District, Idaho

Forgivable Loans Facing the prospect of a not-to-distant shortage of teachers, the Blaine County School District and the county’s nonprofit education foundation are taking innovative measures to lure educators to the Wood River Valley. The Blaine County Education Foundation announced earlier this month that it has awarded its first “forgivable loans” to help two Wood River High School teachers meet the stiff local price for down payments on homes. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in BCSD.

6. Maryland

Statewide Search All of the state’s 24 school districts are scouting for teachers. It’s the perfect hunting ground for teachers looking to land a job. Every year, Maryland needs anywhere between 6,000 and 8,000 instructors, but state universities and colleges only graduate about 2,400 teachers. The competition to capture and keep strong teachers is fierce. School districts around the state are offering signing bonuses, tuition reimbursement and, in some cases, free laptops. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in Maryland.

7. Mississippi

Emergency Certificates Offered Statewide School districts across the state are stepping up recruitment efforts for teachers. The districts are issuing thousands of emergency certificates to fill positions. Those certificates allow teachers to work in hard to fill positions like, special education and mathematics; rural parts of the state are having the hardest time filling positions. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in Mississippi.

8. Yuma, Arizona

Certified Teachers Have Choices With the district’s enrollment up 4 1/2 % this year and the Yuma area growing, schools are adding classrooms and are having a hard time finding teachers for those classrooms. A statewide teacher shortage makes it easier for licensed teachers to find the jobs they want, but it also means fewer licensed teachers in the substitute pool looking for permanent jobs. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in Yuma.

9. Dallas, Texas

Dallas Independent School Distrcit (DISD) has 1,200 open teaching positions for the next school year, two hundred more than the usual openings provided each year. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in Dallas.

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

State leaders are shaking up the way they pay educators now and in the future in hopes of improving instruction and easing the state’s teacher shortage. The Utah State Board of Education approved rules Friday that will set into motion the Legislature’s plans to give $1,000 bonuses to new teachers next school year, $200 a day for up to three days of additional work to special educators. Read more: the latest teaching shortages in Salt Lake City.

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