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100 Teacher Interview Questions

100 Teacher Interview Questions

Tim Winterview

From Teaching Editor:

Interviewing for a teaching job can be the most important step in getting an offer and getting hired. In addition to these 100 questions, don’t forget to check The Ultimate Interview Guide, free for members of Teaching.

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1. First, tell us a little bit about yourself. (Almost every teacher interview begins this way.)

2. Describe your college experiences?

3. Tell us about your experiences working with students at this age level.

4. Describe your philosophy of teaching?

5. Why do you want to become a teacher?

6. List three of your strengths your strengths and explain each one.

7. Describe three of your weaknesses as a teacher.

8. In what ways do you encourage creativity in your classroom?

9. Tell us about a lesson in which you’ve used differentiated instruction.

10. How do you teach kids to utilize higher-order thinking skills in your classroom?

11. What do you do to prepare your students for state or standardized tests?

12. Do you make learning fun for students? How?

13. If I walked into your classroom on a typical afternoon, what would I see going on?

14. How do you measure student performance in your classroom?

15. Describe a successful lesson. Tell why it was successful.
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16. What would you do if a student wasn’t handing her homework on a regular basis?

17. How much homework do you give?

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18. Besides lecture, what methods of teaching do you use?

19. Tell us about your discipline philosophy.

20. What are your classroom rules? How do you make students familiar with the rules?

21. What daily or weekly routines would be incorporated in your teaching?

22. One student hits another student. What do you do?

23. A student throws a pencil across the room. What do you do?

24. Explain what you would do if a student was swearing in your class?

25. What would you do if a student was complaining about an assignment you’ve given?
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