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Does Your State Value Education?

Does Your State Value Education?

US State Profile for Teachers


Figuring out how teachers fit into the scheme of things in each state can be difficult information to locate. How many teachers have advanced degrees in each state? Which states have the largest teaching forces? Teaching answers these questions and more with three important research findings. Understanding more about each state can help find a job and make the most of your career.

Which States Employ Teachers with the Most Advanced Degrees?

You may be thinking about getting an advanced degree in the field of education. You know right away that as a teacher, you will make more with an advanced degree, but will it also help you get a job? Some states have such a high percentage of teachers with advanced degrees that getting one will definitely help you compete for the job you want. See which states top the charts.

Which States Employ the Most Teachers?

Some states have huge teaching forces, which may mean more jobs for seekers. If you’re in a competitive area where not many teachers are employed, you may want to jump to a state that has teaching jobs in plenty. See the rankings of teaching forces for each state.

Which States Spend the Most on Education?</h1?

If you’re a classroom teacher already, you know the limitations that a lack of funding can have on projects, field trips, and every day life. Some states place such an importance on education funding that they more than double the national average. See the education funding comparison.

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