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Which States Spend the Most on Education?

Which States Spend the Most on Education?

National Center for Education Statistics

When you put it all together, the amount that the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia spend on education is astounding. Leading the pack for education spending is California, which is natural since it employs the second largest teaching workforce in the country. It’s fair to say that the more teachers there are per states to teach the larger student population raises the amount the state spends on education. Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, is probably the most interesting comparison. With only 5,400 teachers at last count, they spend a whopping $1,188,086,093 on education per year. The closest comparison is Vermont- who has double the teachers but spends about the same.

<FONT COLOR=BLACK FACE=“Helvetica” SIZE="4">State <FONT COLOR=BLACK FACE=“Helvetica” SIZE="4">Total Education Expenditures
NATIONAL AVERAGE $9,521,659,166
California $61,923,329,738
New York 42,873,916,367
Texas $37,810,969,302
Florida $23,286,272,661
New Jersey $22,090,799,844
Pennsylvania $21,077,713,702
Illinois $20,936,893,403
Ohio $19,662,003,654
Michigan $18,798,355,879
Georgia $14,356,680,647
Massachusetts $12,193,298,093
Virginia $11,954,582,572
North Carolina $10,583,643,027
Indiana $10,148,008,407
Washington $9,208,397,802
Wisconsin $8,994,396,071
Minnesota $8,580,168,162
Connecticut $8,228,726,206
Arizona $7,344,672,693
Colorado $6,974,840,410
Tennessee $6,966,954,941
South Carolina $6,305,917,941
Louisiana $5,960,573,942
Alabama $5,785,154,620
Kentucky $5,623,625,165
Oregon $5,307,084,656
Missouri $4,982,842,114
Oklahoma $4,517,167,606
Iowa $4,382,302,002
Arkansas $4,009,384,630
Kansas $3,995,078,014
Mississippi $3,468,464,468
Nevada $3,290,941,908
Utah $3,178,866,468
New Mexico $3,044,253,113
Nebraska $2,759,740,369
West Virginia $2,615,510,662
Maine $2,199,102,036
New Hampshire $2,191,014,612
Rhode Island $1,895,197,570
Idaho $1,805,147,768
Hawaii $1,766,834,618
Alaska $1,719,803,116
Delaware $1,493,185,163
Montana $1,262,988,293
Vermont $1,244,809,558
District of Columbia $1,188,086,093
Wyoming $1,023,892,197
South Dakota $1,044,116,641
North Dakota $879,581,204

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