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Outrageous Superintendent Salaries

Outrageous Superintendent Salaries

Steve Berman | Monster

With state and local budgets feeling the pinch across the country, lawmakers are under tremendous pressure to take a hard look at the wages and salaries of all government employees. One of the public roles where noticeably high salaries have become the norm is the position of school district superintendent, a job where six-figure salaries are commonplace.

It takes a lot of education and training to reach the rank of superintendent, but there is an alarming discrepancy between superintendents’ compensation across the board. With superintendents’ salaries in some cases towering over those of state governors, there’s been an increased interest in revamping states’ income structures or even instituting salary caps for superintendents.

In no particular order, here’s a look at five superintendents – two current and three who recently retired — who’ve caused outrage among politicians, tax-paying citizens, and fellow education professionals alike for the paychecks and perks they’ve recently received.

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