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Getting Through February Without Poking Yourself in the Eye

Getting Through February Without Poking Yourself in the Eye

Mrs. Mimi

Oh man, is it FEBRUARY or what?!

It’s cold, it’s gray, there’s probably way too much indoor recess going on (which results in too many horrific afternoons) and those days where you just want to pop in a movie and sit quietly in the back of your classroom and, I don’t know, file things quietly, are happening WAY too often.

PLUS, in addition to your friends being all antsy, and crazy and UNABLE TO SIT STILL AND FOCUS, February is always the time where it feels like the pressure is ON. And not in a “I have so much to do!” way but in a “Holy crap! How is it February already and I haven’t even started the unit on (insert topic here)! And what am I going to do about so-and-so’s reading?? Wait, are those more papers I have yet to correct over there?!?” way.

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Throw in the whole Snow Day and you’ve got yourself a real reason to want to poke yourself in the eye.

And then you start to feel bad because teaching is really one big roller coaster of emotion and you know that you’ve been less than perky in front of your friends. Or maybe you feel like you aren’t as well planned as you should be. Or maybe you’re feeling like that lesson on rocks totally could have gone better. Which leads to wondering whether or not you’re cut out for this job at all. Which leads to wondering if you’re little friends are going to remember all these frantic moments. Which leads to something I like to call a Shame Spiral. Shame Sprialing is bad.

So if you are mid-Shame Spiral, or really, in those very early stages of Shame Spiraling, know this. At the end of the year, most kids will only remember the fun times, how much you loved them and all that they learned. They won’t think about the homework papers you never got around to grading, or the time that lesson blew up in your face, or that you left one of their art projects abandoned and unfinished in the back of the classroom because sometimes you bite off more than your schedule can chew in the project department.

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