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5 Ways to Quit Taking it Personally

Jill Hare | Teaching

Don’t Let the Mood of Others Bring You Down

The school environment is unique. It’s not like desk jobs where tons of colleagues sit in the same room. Hours may go by without seeing another adult when you’re a teacher. So when you do see another adult, have a bad interaction and leave it unresolved, it can fester all day or week.

The problem: Adults on the job can have a bad attitude or are negative about your performance. Whether it’s a co-teacher or principal, adults can be just as cruel (or worse) than kids.

The solution: If you just taught a great lesson and are feeling good, but then bump into someone who tries to bring you down, don’t give them the satisfaction. One positive person can do wonders for the work environment. Remember this: The bad moods of others are more about them than they are about you.

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