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5 Ways to Quit Taking it Personally

Jill Hare | Teaching

Only Exert and Expect Control in Your Environment

The school walls, and more particular, your classroom, create a micro environment of the real world. The problem is your students don’t spend all their waking hours under your control or influence. Once they leave the room and later the school building, they come in contact with outside factors that change their mood, their habits, and even their learning process.

The problem: Your students just won’t behave and are pushing your buttons to see what happens. Students that misbehave aren’t necessary acting out on you. They may be reacting to trouble at home, trouble with peers, or some deeper personal issues.

The solution: Control what you can when you can and don’t take it personally every single time students act out. Try to get to the bottom of what’s really causing the behavior. More likely than not, the behavior is not stemming from something you’ve done, so don’t blame yourself. Get your counselor or school psychologist involved if you need to.

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