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7 Must-Have Work Friends for Teachers

Jill Hare | Teaching

Lunch Lady

Making the Lunch Lady Your Friend

You only have 10 minutes to scarf down lunch, take a pee break and prep for your next class, but you find yourself standing in the lunch line looking invisible while the lunch lady helps all the students. Why isn’t she stopping to make your lunch??!!!

DO respect everyone that prepares and serves food at school.

DO speak politely and friendly even though you’re in a rush. Don’t bark immediately what you want, but ask a quick, “How are you? I’m Mrs. Blank.”

DO compliment what is prepared that you do like. “Wow- those french fries are delicious!”

DON’T say, “Ah- Salisbury steak? Yuck!” while waiting in line…even if it’s gross.

DON’T expect to get special treatment if the only time you see the lunch lady is when you’re in a rush. Try and say “hi” when you’re getting coffee, water, or happen to be passing through the cafeteria.

If you’re going on a field trip that requires bagged lunch, then you’ll want to ask fellow teachers way in advance how to file the proper paper work. Otherwise, your students may go hungry!

Do you have more advice about the lunch lady? Share below!

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