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7 Must-Have Work Friends for Teachers

Jill Hare | Teaching

#4: PTA President

Making the PTA President Your Friend

DO find out who this important person is at your school. A powerful PTA makes things happen when you alone can not.

DO join the PTA at your school and attend PTA meetings. The “T” in PTA stands for teachers, so go offer advice on big or small issues.

DO introduce yourself and make yourself available for phone calls or emails. If you’re the science teacher and a dream of the PTA is a new science lab, you’ll want in on the planning, so don’t miss out!

DO find a parent on the PTA that can help champion your cause if you need it. One parent that knows and supports you can go a long way.

DON’T complain. The PTA is a volunteer organization and the president gives a lot of their free time to the school.

Remember that the PTA is not responsible for a school’s finances or programs. Everything they do is supplemental. If you butt heads with the PTA president, chances are the administration is going to know about it and that’s a tough one to smooth over.

Do you have more advice about the PTA president? Share below!

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