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7 Must-Have Work Friends for Teachers

Jill Hare | Teaching

#2: Janitor

I’ve always thought that janitors are a school’s unsung heroes. Even in my elementary years, I can remember our school janitor fondly. As a teacher, I learned that the janitor is a jack of all trades- helping lift, move, clean and fix just about anything.

Making the Janitor Your Friend

DO require your students to clean up after themselves.

DO ask for help when lifting or moving large objects to avoid on-the-job injury.

DO plan in advance if you need the assistance of the janitor.

DO say thank you every day when you see the janitor cleaning something in your classroom.

DO treat janitors with respect and courtesy.

DON’T leave a mess just because you ran out of class time. The janitor should not be used to clean up projects. Schedule clean up time into everything you do.

Do you have more advice about the school janitor? Share below!

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