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7 Must-Have Work Friends for Teachers

Jill Hare | Teaching

#1: School Nurse

If you’re a classroom teacher, then you know that a good relationship with the school nurse goes a long way.

Making the School Nurse Your Friend

DO send students to the nurse that seem legitimately ill, injured, contagious, and may need to go home.

DO send a note with the student to the nurse explaining what prompted you to send the student.

DON’T send students who are chronic complainers and aren’t really sick.

DON’T send students that need a Bandaid or simple first aid. If the school doesn’t supply you with a First Aid kit, then purchase basic supplies (and rubber gloves!) to deal with minor injuries.

Some schools don’t even have full-time nurses these days, so every minute a nurse is in the school building is precious time that should be spent on students who need medical attention. Utilize the school nurse only when necessary and the nurse will come to know the serious nature of your student’s health when sent.

Do you have more advice about the school nurse? Share below!

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