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3 Interactive Activities for Engligh & Language Arts

Kelly Tenkely |

1. Skype an Author Network

What it is: The Skype an Author Network is doing what technology should do, connecting students to the world. The Skype an Author Network provides a way for teachers or librarians k-12 to connect authors, young readers, and books through virtual visits. Students can video chat with authors while they are reading books written by the author. There are two types of visits. The first is free and is a 10-15 minute meet the author session. The second option is an in depth visit. The length and fee of visit are determined by the author. There is a growing list of authors joining the network. Connect your students today!


Skype an Author Network

How to integrate Skype an Author Network into the classroom: Set up a virtual visit in your library or classroom today. Before the visit, encourage your students to come up with well thought out questions before the visit. It would also be a good idea to test Skype on your school network prior to setting up a visit.

Tips: Check back often, the list of authors is constantly growing.

2. StoryPlace Elementary

What it is: StoryPlace Elementary Library has great printout activities, topsy turvy tales (interactive stories), and a suggested reading list. These interactive stories help making reading fun. The reading list provides students with great off-line reads.


How to integrate StoryPlace Elementary Library into the classroom: Use the StoryPlace Elementary Library topsy turvy tales as a reading center in the classroom. Students can read along with the interactive books. This site is great for struggling and new readers. The offline reading suggestions will help students find books that they will love during a trip to the library.

Tips: There is also a StoryPlace for preschoolers.

3. The Story Home

What it is: The Story Home is a collection of classic and original children’s audio stories. Every other week a new story is added by storyteller Alan. All audio stories are FREE!! The stories can be listened to right from The Story Home website or by subscribing to The Story Home on iTunes.


How to integrate The Story Home into the classroom: Students will love listening to audio stories on The Story Home. Set up a listening center in your classroom where students can listen to stories. As they listen to stories, students can practice comprehension strategies like visualization. If you have an iPod program at your school, load up the iPods with stories that students can listen to from home. Find stories that correspond with your classroom curriculum and introduce new concepts with an audio story. Use The Story Home to teach students Story Telling strategies.

Tips: Introduce parents to The Story Home so they can use it at home with their children. I learned about The Story Home from multiple tweets on Twitter. If you aren’t a part of the Twitter education community yet, sign up today!

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